Patent #10,694,989

Started in 2015 by Tiffany, iStopShaking is an IoT device using miniaturized gyroscopes, with gloves for the hands and braces for the feet and neck, to reduce essential tremors of patients with Parkinson’s disease. Powered by a battery with multiple intel-wireless chips, each device contains an accelerometer to maintain control of the gyroscopes and a dial to measure the intensity of the spin, allowing counterbalance of the tremors. The iStopShaking patent was filed in June of 2018, and granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office in June of 2020.

Watch the video below to learn more about iStopShaking!

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HAND Innovation Team (IT) will be composed of students from various fields, including the sciences, engineering, business, and design media, with the goal of creating prototypes based on the granted patent. For the virtual year, IT members will focus on breaking down the patent application, including the designs and mechanics, and will create proposals based on science and market research.

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